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shitload of shootings in 012 on Easter

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  • shitload of shootings in 012 on Easter

    What the hell happened? Im hearing at least 5 shot with 1 dead. 4 diifferent incidents/rd #'s. All on Easter to boot. That kind of shit don't happen in my neighborhood. Im also hearing they're still shooting with the police on scene. This is all taking place in the West Haven and Abla homes...
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    010 also on-viewed another shooting in 012. Drive-by in a stolen car that then crashed by the currency exchange at cermak/damen. May or may not have been a pursuit... Dudes bailed after crashing. They caught one and I think were looking for another. No one shot though. 012 was blowing up.
    F'en savages don't value human life... Happy Easter!!


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      Someone also got shot from that 10th district on view in 012. Final totals for 012 last night: 6 people shot, 1 dead, 5 separate incidents. 1 for 6 is bad shooting though. They need to hit the range up...